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no one will ever read this

2009-07-29 17:23:41 by neotamer1

Yo- everyone on newgrounds. Perhaps nobody will ever find this account. And that's perfectly Okay. More then Okay- it's what I intend.

Most people from Newgrounds probably don't have accounts, being able to play games is the only thing that matters, right?

What a crude way of saying it.

Might I say- I personally love this site for it's unique blend of culture and history (and ways to make fun of both. Although= strangely, most gamers disrespect sprites. I have no idea why- they just do.

But what is the reason?

Did you know, without the early Sprite developments, you probably wouldn't have most of your common era games? HALO wouldn't exist, you wouldn't be able to kill virtual buddies on Modern Warfare 2. But enough of that monologue. If anything i'm a personal fan of Code Geass (Did you know Lelouch survived by stealing his father's Geass Code similar to how Charles did it to V2?) I am a player of HALO, with a few modded maps for fun.the Sword of Akasha being one of my favorite maps (You might recognize it from Code Geass) Also finding the new comic, (not exactly new, but still a good and slightly pervy webcomic) Twokinds (Can't wait till update.)

Also-back to HALO. Anyone want to do the Vidmasters? I'm relatively useful at Firefight- but all my friends seem to suck. (I'm the last to die after they waste ALL SEVEN extra lives)

I have beaten ODST by myself on Legendary- yet have not come around to doing it on Co-op. Meh. I'm also relatively good at online multiplayer preferring Team Swat over everything else. (Pulled off a win after all three of my team disconnected)

All in all i'm generally considered a bright (not so handsome) fifteen year old guy who absolutely despises the clans of both Newgrounds and Roblox due to noobs. Clock crew being one of the worst for spamming submissions with useless tag when the flash itself needs to be blammed, or deletehacked. Except of course for the good ones Super Hero Clock=Ideal flash. Although now that I think of it, are they even affiliated?

Alright- enough ranting. Getting pestered by RL, so i'll save this for another time.


2008-08-02 16:55:02 by neotamer1

See post 1


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Deleting all old posts

2008-08-01 16:06:30 by neotamer1